Dispute Resolution Mediation Versus Dispute Resolution Arbitration

The difference in opinions and views that we see among people is due to their different perspectives and there is nothing wrong in having difference of views because you can’t make everybody else has the same view as yours. However; the problem arises when these differences become problems in the business world or grow too strong within family members that the situation goes out of the hands. In such situations the process of dispute resolution is used which can be categorised in various types like commercial dispute resolution, etc. One such type of dispute resolution is known as family dispute resolution in melbourne that is used to solve the family disputes like that of separation or child custody. Now; there are three main ways of resolving disputes which go as dispute resolution mediation, dispute resolution arbitration and dispute resolution litigation. In this article; not only we will be discussing about the dispute resolutions that occur within a family but also the ways that how can we solve these disputes. Besides that we will also be touching upon the topic of comparing dispute resolution mediation and dispute resolution arbitration.

Family dispute resolution:

There are times when couples get into a disagreement and that little disagreement gets too high that they are unable to find a common ground to come upon. Such disagreements lead to separation and divorce. This separation can be resolved only after an amicable discussion between the two parties. If both of the partners are unable to come to a mutual agreement then what can be a better option than the involvement of a third party that is neutral and smart enough to resolve the issues. The involvement of the third party as a mediator or under the use of legal rights is known as the process of family dispute resolution.

Dispute resolution mediation versus   dispute resolution arbitration:

As we have already discussed that there are three different ways of solving the family or commercial disputes but among them it is the dispute resolution mediation and dispute resolution arbitration which are often confused by people as the same processes. However; there lie some serious differences between the two. Even though both processes involve the third party as the mediator or arbitrator but besides that they are quite different. Arbitration can be called as the less formal version of litigation but mitigation does not involve the legal ways. In addition to that, mediation is less expensive process and is likely to keep the relationships maintained.


Many times people get involved in the disputes which lead to separation or even up to the child custody. You can get out of such disputes if you still have feelings for your loved ones by the process of family dispute resolution in which third party is involved to solve the whole situation. Dispute resolution mediation is considered as the best way to solve the dispute if you still want to keep your relationship healthy. “Anytime mediation” offers the best services of family dispute resolution and dispute resolution mediation. Visit here for more details https://anytimemediation.com.au/